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Take Off the Mask

Take Off the Mask

Keiara B. Gladney is a Detroit native currently living in Flint, Michigan, who is a loving wife, mother, minister, daughter, sister, aunt, psalmist, mentor, and friend.  She is a woman built to endure despite the odds. 


 Keiara is also the founder of Charitea Movement, LLC, which is an organization that provides relief services to women and families that have faced trauma of all kinds following pregnancy or any major life-changing incident. 


 Keiara began this organization after travailing against postpartum depression and anxiety until she reached her breaking point and knew that the Lord had called her to prosper instead of wallowing in sadness forever. 


 This book is a testament of God's ability to make all things new.  Keiara prays that everyone that will pick up this book, will throw down the masks that deter them from an   intimate fellowship with Christ and be free!

Take Off the Mask


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